The college organizes the in-plant training for the third and fourth year B.Pharm students in reputed pharmaceutical industries and many of them are recruited in multinational and Indian pharmaceutical companies through the college campus interviews.

Career Options for Pharmacy profession in India

India has a vast and growing pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacy offers reasonably good career opportunities both by way of jobs as well as in terms of starting own business. The job avenues for a pharmacist are with pharmaceutical industry, government departments, universities, teaching hospitals, investigation and research institute etc. Within the pharmaceutical industry you might be involved in activities relating to the development, formulation, production or marketing of new drugs for clinical use.

M.Pharm. or Ph.D. holders are normally absorbed in research work, to develop new useful drugs, in laboratories and in production work in pharmaceutical industry and analyzing them for purity and strength. Pharmacist may also take up teaching as a profession as lecturers in pharmacy colleges and universities.